N8PR - Peter 'Pete' Rimmel N8PR

Peter 'Pete' Rimmel
Pembroke Pines, FL

QCWA # 18813
Chapter 69

In 1960 I got my Novice License - KN8UNP at age 13. I lived in Lakewood, Ohio at the time. Within the next year I upgraded to general class and my call changed to K8UNP. At that time I was mainly interested in rag chewing and 160 meters. I was active locally in nets and traffic handling.

Having traveled by sailboat for about 1/3 of the world, I later found that I wanted to repay many kind hams for having provided me with means to keep in touch with family and friends.

I now live in Hollywood, FL but used to live in Kansas City, Charleston, SC and the San Francisco Bay area.

At 90 feet I have an inverted vee on 80 Meters. I shunt feed a 116 ft Rohn tower on 160. Another crank up holds a Waller Flag antenna at 85 ft for low band receive mounted on it. It can be rotated from H. Pol. through Vertical Polarization to H. Pol. to match incoming wave polarization. There is a 40 ft. crank up tower with 6 elements for 6 Meters and a recieve loop on 160 M at the top. A Tri-Ex 70 foot tower holds a SteppIR DB-36 plus 11 elements on 2 Meters.

At present, I use an Icom 7851 Tranceiver,and an Acom 2000A Amplifier plus a converted SB200 for 6 Meters. I have recently started dabbling in Satellite communications - the "easy SATS" and EME. Bill, NZ5N and I put together the EME station. We are using 1.5 KW with a Lunar-Link LA-200 amplifier...

I have travelled and contested from ZB, PJ2, PJ7, KG4 and hold ZB2EM and C6AHR calls. Awards include No. 1 DXCC on SSB and all but one on CW. I also have 5BWAZ, and I just got 11 band DXCC (160 through 2 Meters) I think, from what I can determine, that I am only the 4th US station do attain 11 Band DXCC.

My personal mission is to encourage people the world over to PRAY FOR PEACE in the world. Visit www.prayforpeace.info for more information.

You can also go to my personal Home Page at: www.n8pr.org.

N8PR - Peter 'Pete' Rimmel

N8PR - Peter 'Pete' Rimmel

September 16, 2015