Louis 'Lou' Axeman
Saint Louis, MO

QCWA # 36756
Chapter 19
N8LA - Louis 'Lou' Axeman

First licensed in November, 1976 as WD8DNZ. Upgraded to Tech, General, and Advanced in 1977. Upgraded to Extra and obtained N8LA call in April, 1978.

Widowed in March, 1992. Retired from General Motors in Lansing, Michigan in October, 1999. Met Kathleen Puhr of St. Louis, Missouri on Internet in February, 2000. We were married in St. Louis on October 27, 2000. Moved to St. Louis at that time.

Put up 200 foot dipole fed with 450 ohm window line @ 35 feet around 3rd floor roof parapet of condo complex in May of 2010. Using Ten Tec Argonaut 515, etc., and MFJ-901B tuner plus, recently, also an MFJ-9211 4:1 QRPocket current balun with old J-38 straingt key (War Horse!) for QRP CW.

In February of 2011, replaced wood TV tables that had to be set up before each operating session with wood desk I found in an alley. This required removing large bookcase and storing or disposing of hundreds of my books. It is well worth the sacrifice!

Had set of shelves added to top of desk in May of 2012. Quickly filled them with mostly junk. Also purchased set of four shelves that have been filled with equipment and more junk.

Purchased FX-2 30/40 meter mini transciever at Dayton in 2012. It is amazing!

Purchased Yaesu FT-817ND in July 2012. Began using it in August 2012. East is East and knobs were best but buttons I has chose. I just hope that I don't find I'm all tied up with buttons and woes! Installed 300 Hz filter on August 31, 2012. Checked it out on 20 meters. First contact with filter on: W1AW!! Also have recently picked up HW-8, HW-9, and DX-20. Purchased KX-3 and Begali Adventure iambic paddles for it at Dayton May 2014. Does that make me a Software Defined Radio Amateur (SDRA)?

OK, OK, so I purchased a Yaesu FT-897D in August 2010! At least I resisted getting it on the air until January 25, 2013! In a QRO debauch on that evening, I made three contacts running 100 Watts! Oh, the shame of it all, the shame, the shame! It was still a thrill and I'm sure I'll do it again with the FT-897D and my new TS-590S now that I have become QRO debased again!

Hoping not to become EB0LA SK!!

MI QRP # M-0078; QRP ARCI # 4508; GQRP # 5048; NAQCC # 2358; Flying Pigs # 1974; 4sqrp # 469; QRP Zombie # 1015; SKCC # 4327; Fiists #13757; 10-10 # 16161, VP # 868; SOC #1018; CWOPS #1339; Member of St. Louis QRP Society, Morse Telegraph Club, and ARCH Radio Club.

Love sending and receiving QSL cards! Will honor QSL requests at least 100% ("homebrew" as well as regular QSL sent on request). No SASE required.

November 27, 2015