L. E. 'Gene' Purdum
Williamston, MI

QCWA # 36055
N8DKA - L. E. 'Gene' Purdum

I obtained my Novice license in Maryland around 1966 as WN3GFN ("Good For Nothing"). Moved to Michigan in 1975 and upgraded to General license N8DKA. Did some contests in those early years, but was inactive since then. Passed the Amateur Extra a couple of years ago. Made some QSO's in the Texas QSO Party in September 2012 and am now back in the game.

I will be sending QSO's to LOTW and I answer all paper QSL's.

Current equipment: Kenwood TS-850SAT for ham operation; Collins R-390A and Hammarlund HQ-180 for SWL. Antenna is a 100-ft G5RV multiband long-wire, 30 feet above ground.

June 23, 2015