N7RD - Ron D. Smith N7RD

Ron D. Smith
Sun City West, AZ
QCWA # 35813
Chapter 64

I enjoy the QCWA digital journal very much. So will attempt a short Bio of my 26 years. I started out to get a General ticket so I could work some DX on phone. I hate to even type the word PHONE, but that was my intentions in 1987. After flunking the 13 wpm code test by one, I learned to lock up the mic and got on 40 and 80 meters each night after work and worked WAS CW. After taking the 13 wpm test I took the 20 and upgraded to extra all in same day. Since then I operate 100% CW and have become a avid DXer. I can't think of anything more exciting to me than to work that new country on CW. Love the pile-ups and the patience it takes to be pulled out of it. So CW it is for me and always will be. Again thanks for the journal and more folks should try it out as there are lots of interesting tid-bits in there.


Ron N7RD

May 5, 2013