N7GPP - Richard B. Curry N7GPP

Richard B. Curry
Grants Pass, OR

QCWA # 37517

Now in the mountains above Grants Pass, Oregon, we are settled in and starting to set up the shack. Robertson Bridge is the only way across the Rogue River for several miles, and is about a mile from the QTH. There are some neighbors who are hams, within hand-held 2m range, and that is nice to have a community of those who share this hobby.

Moved from Southern California to the Forests of Southern Oregon

The need for antenna space and fewer neighbors drove N6GPP and family to find the more open spaces available futher north. About 750 miles north, a good spot on 10 acres of forest presented itself!

The "home QTH" of over 40 years was Lunada Bay that is just south of Redondo Beach and north of Point Vicente (Light House), on the Palos Verdes Penninsula.

Active in Ham Radio since the mid-1970's N6GPP is active as an Elmer and instructor to children and adults.

Having moved into the Grants Pass area, a "7" is where I live, so instead of the FCC changing my Region of the US from 6, I applied for a "Vanity Call" and was able to get my original call and add a 7!

If you hear Jennifer in the background, say "Hi!" and I am sure she will spark up to want to join the conversation as well. My 15 yr old "little ham" she is interested in just about everything and goes out to collect rock samples when we are in the desert.

Master's of Science Degree, Management Information Systems

October 01, 2017