N6SU - Douglas E. 'Doug' Danner  N6SU

Douglas E. 'Doug' Danner
San Clemente, CA

QCWA # 36154
Chapter 7

Hello - I'm Doug N6SU

Got my first ticket in 1953 and had the call WN3VVO. Ran a rock bound 6V6 rig with a basket weave coil and a "home brew" 7 tube superhet RX. Had a lot of fun back then at my Baltimore QTH. Soon became W3VVO and stayed active on 40 and 80 meter CW. Lotsa Xtals, at last a home brew vfo, 807s, 6L6s and mercury vapor rectifiers etc. Hi

Qsy'd out west in 1960 and became WB6KSZ and l ran with 'home brew' equip on CW for a short while. Then worked my way thru some Heathkit , Hallicrafters, and Drake Eqipment. Put up good antennas etc. and had a great time using various set ups with dipoles beams and verticals over several years.

As I developed a life of CW chatting and contest work back then- I decided to change my call sign to reduce the time, and work, of sending the old WB6 call sign. As you might imagine -my new N6SU call helps a lot- mostly in contest work.

Today, I'm 76 years, old and retired, after many happy years of working in the aerospace industry. Mostly at HUGHES aircraft. I now live in a condo in a small beach town in Southern California. To stay on the air, I now run QRP and have an indoor antenna. My condo home comes with restrictions of RFI and antenna as new challenges. As time passes I will work it all out and become (I hope) a mighty signal once again (antennas first) Hi.

So lots more to say and would enjoy meeting you and continuing our chat. Listen for me on the CW portion of the bands - I would love to meet you and hear your story.

Lastly 'THANK YOU' to you operators who had the (operating skills--patience--and equipment) to QSO me and my little QRP signal. You are all "greatly" apreciated"

73s es Dx Doug N6SU ex W3VVO - WB6KSZ

N6SU - Douglas E. 'Doug' Danner

April 26, 2015