N5SWE - Roy L. Dickinson N5SWE

Roy L. Dickinson
Livingston, TX

QCWA # 34918
Chapter 190

Greetings from North 5 South West East!

Check out the Western Country Cousin 75 meter Social Net, 3.970, 9:00 PM Pacific Time, 366 days a year. Great place Stop by!!

It all started when I was ten years of age. I received a crystal radio kit, put it together (with help from brother) and was able to hear radio stations! I am still surprised when you can change reception by moving the Cats Whisker to a different location on the little crystal! My older brother (11 years senior) was fascinated with radio, he went to trade school and brought home a 5 watt transmitter (1947), boy, did I have fun! He received his First Class radiotelephone before he could drive and later became a Engineer at KRON TV, Chan. 4, San Francisco. I married a ham and her Dad and Mom were Hams, passed my Novice test in 1967 and I was Hooked! "Pappy"WA6QYN (SK) was my Elmer. He and I made an put up Dipole and a remotely switched vertical, Made thousands of contacks. Pappy was involved in Navy MARS and I naturaly joined MARS to. His XYL is WA6RBA Thanks to WB6DFZ also. I really enjoy CW! and those Heath Kit radios were so much fun to build and operate, I had 5 of them. I have some boat anchors that I like to fire up once in awhile (Drake, Heath kit, Yaesu etc). My first Hamreciever was a Drake 2B with "Q" multiplier, and my first Xmiter, Heath Kit DX 40 with 3 crystalsl.

N5SWE - Roy L. Dickinson
This Winter picture taken of our home on the Beach at El Golfo, De Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico.

Nancy and I are Full time RVrs, we live in 40 foot Motor Home. We go North for summer, South for winter and West or East in between.

Please QSL to Texas address, it is a mail forwarding service. Am also good in ARRL Burro, 3905 Century Club, Omiss, most Burros. and EQSL.

I QSL all contacts and would like to quote Professor Kenneth Jones in this regard: "The act and art of QSLing is an act of respect, unity and friendship."

Was WN6BSG in 1967. Former KE5PDM, N5SWE/XE2 in Sonora, Mexico. Married 4 kids and 5 Grandkids and counting. Retired from Union Pacific Railroad, 40 years as Locomotive Engineer. Retired Volunteer Fire Fighter and Chief. Retired Union Secretary/Treasurer.

Son is KI6KQJ, Daughter is KF7WUQ, Son in law is KF7WUR, Grandson is KI6ZGW and XXYL is WB6DFZ and her folks are both Hams.
Four generations of Hams!!!!

ARRL member, Fists CW Club #16405, Straight Key CC #12075, Plumas County CA. ARES and Maricopa County ARES, Arizona. Southern SATERN. FEMA: (ics-100, ics-200, is-700a). Quarter Century Wireless Asso #34918 CH.190, OMISS #6484

ARRL accredited VE.

Western Country Cousins #2398, North Western #1583, Southern Country Cousins, Mid-West Country Cousin #1342, Elko ARC, Sierra Nev.ARS, Plumas ARC, Western Pub. Serv., Western A.R.Friendship Asso. 3905 Century Club: 40M SSB 100 point #2613, 75 M 100 point, #2843, Amateur Radio Light House Society #1681.

My station runs from 6 Golf Cart Batteries, solar panels and generators for back up.: Ten Tek Eagle, Icom 756 PRO 2, Heil HC-10 mike, Ameritron ALS-500 amp., Vectronics HFT1500 Tuner, IC AH4 remote tuner, Icom IC-706MK11. Plus have b/u radios and hand helds. I usually use ear phones for my QSOs as my hearing has diminshed and it also keeps the XYL happy.

I carry and when space allows, errect a Gap Titan Vert. (ladder mounted and hinged on Motor Home), a bazooka top fed sloper, Doublet, Double Bazooka, G5RV, ATAS120, Hentenna, Pulsar, J pole or 3 band HF Fan DiPole. I also carry 2 sets of 4' sect. masts, one 40' Aluminum and one 40' fiberglass but now use 44 foot fiberglass extend a pole.

My mobile is a Icom IC-706MK11 and Scorpion HF screwdriver antenna. APRS with a Kenwood TM-710A.

My most memorable experince happened about 1968. A Ham knocked on my door (Concord CA) and said he was from Florida on vacation wanted to look me up because I was his first Caliornia contact in Florida (CW), sure was a nice guy.

I want to thank all the members who elected me President of the Western Country Cousin Net, I promise to do my best to make this net a better, more active and fun net.

Hope you are having as much fun as I am!

73, 88, de Roy

February 26, 2015