N5GE - Tom H. Childers N5GE

Tom H. Childers
Arlington, TX

QCWA # 35102

I was licensed in 1976 as WN5QGE. My Advanced Callsign was WB5QGE. In 1978 I went to Dallas TX from Oklahoma City, OK and acquired the Extra Class License. I was given the requested callsign of N5GE. All of my license testing except Novice was done at the FCC office in Dallas, Texas.

I live on a City lot in a wooded neighborhood, so antenna construction is somewhat constrained, but I've managed to get along pretty well over the years.

CW is the only amateur mode I am interested in on HF and 6m. I operate CW, SSB and FM on 2m and 70cm, in that order of preference.

DXCC Awards: Mixed 220, CW 197, 20m 102, 40m 132

I have 19 Phone countries confirmed. cheeky

I am currently concentrating on the 80m, 30m, 15m and 10m CW awards.

Between 1978 and 10 JULY, 2012
I have logged:
7,894 CW QSO's
1,784 SSB QSO's
126 Misc QSO's
I prefer rag chewing on 30m CW.

I hope to see you on the bands soon,

Amateur Radio Operator N5GE
ARRL Lifetime Member
QCWA Lifetime Member

November 4, 2014