N5EKF - Elmer D. Tatum N5EKF

Elmer D. Tatum
Prairieville, LA

QCWA # 37325
Chapter 109

Always interested in radio. From stereos to CB to Ham. Was a CBer in the late 70s when that was the thing. Studied Marine Electronics and planned on doing that for a living but went a different route. Took a Novice class in early 80's and got my ticket. Purchased my first rig and set up a station. Worked on my code and soon passed my Tech, General, and Advanced class exams. Never could pass the 20 wpm for Extra even though I passed the written. Was very active in amateur radio for many years but took about a 20 year break. Just getting back into the hobby again. I have a new Yaesu FT-450 I am still learning to use as well as Ham Radio Deluxe. Now trying my hand at the digital modes using the DM-780 program.

Getting more into public service with the hobby as well. Doing some ARES work and MARS too.

Fighting with my homeowners association to allow some decent antennas here at the QTH.

N5EKF - Elmer D. Tatum

February 10, 2017