Michaelangelo T. 'Mike' Tungol
Chesapeake, VA

QCWA # 37827
N4GDX - Michaelangelo T. 'Mike' Tungol
First Call: KE6BQW Other Call(s): 7J1AYO & NNNØ-COE1Ø(Navy Mars)

(Pinoy .to)

Thanks for the QSO! It will get logged in LOTW and here in QRZ. Please confirm mine.

Retired US Naval Aviation Maintenance Officer LDO. 30 years of service.

"Be a good neighbor, have a clean signal"

N4GDX - Michaelangelo T. 'Mike' Tungol

N4GDX - Michaelangelo T. 'Mike' Tungol
-Yaesu FTdx-5000MP Limited with SM-5000
-Yaesu Quadra VL-1000 Automatic Tuning Amplfier System
-MD-200A8X mic / Turner Super Sidekick
-Yaesu G-1000DXA rotator with Rohn R-TB3 thurst bearing
-70ft Rohn 25G tower with tilting base

-Icom IC-820H* SSB(All Mode) for DX Work
-Yaesu FTM-400XDR with HRI-200 for Wires-X Node
-Yaesu FTM-400XDR(Mobile)
-Yaesu FT2DR HT
-Teletec DXP-V175 SSB 200+watt Linear Amplifier*
-Icom SP-21 ext spkr/Kenwood SP-31 ext spkr
-Diamond X-510 antenna
-Turner Super Sidekick mic
-DV1TBX custom deskmic

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October 30, 2018