John J. Bescher
Inglis, FL

QCWA # 37749
N4DXI - John J. Bescher
First Call: KN2UMQ Other Call(s): K2UMQ KH6GGW N6SMW

N4DXI, John Bescher, I live 150 miles north of Tampa, Florida, on an abandoned Christmas Tree Farm, 10 miles east of the Gulf of Mexico in a small town: Inglis, Florida. I should say "was abandoned" because in spite of the old trees reaching 35 feet high and being asymetrical, I've hand planted an additional 7,000 Ocala Sand Pines, a southern substitute for a Colorado Blue Spruce.

How does this tie into Ham Radio? Wire antennas. I have plenty of tall pine trees, 34 acres and in a rural countryside with few neighbors. I have lots of dipoles, windoms and experimental wire antennas up in the pines. Yes, I have a foldover tower with an A3S tribander with a rotor which really out performs all my wire antennas, in spite of their variety on 20 meters and up. The wire antennas do best on 40, 80 and 160 meters.

My main transceiver is a Tentec Orion 2, Centurion amp fed into several Ameritron remote antenna switches.

I like collecting QSL cards from DX and have 200 countries confirmed. I send QSL cards to anyone who wants one from me.

Look for me in most ARRL and CQ contests: ssb and cw.

Hope to meet you on the air.

73....John, N4DXI

July 16, 2018