N4AYZ - David E. Walker N4AYZ

David E. Walker N4AYZ
Wetumpka, AL

QCWA # 34963

I have been hamming off and on since 1960, starting with a Knight T-50 transmitter & Hallicrafters S-108 receiver. My current rig is a Ten Tec Omni VII. (I also have a little Argonaut as a backup rig.) CW is my preferred mode of communication, and I rely on Vibroplex and N3ZN iambic paddles for getting the job done.

I operate on 20, 30, and 40 meters using a resonant end-fed dipole for each band. Each dipole is up about 20 feet in the pine trees.

If you send me a QSL card, I promise to send one in return.


David Walker

N4AYZ - David E. Walker

February 14,2013