N3WM - William T. 'Bill' Mellema N3WM

William T. 'Bill' Mellema
Chesapeake, VA

QCWA # 29430
Chapter 119

First licensed in 1965 as WN3DHS running a DX-60/SX-99 to a inverted Vee. I later moved up to a B&W 5100. My current gear is the Ten Tec Omni VII and a Argonaut VI. I also have a vintage station which includes an HQ180 receiver and a Johnson Ranger transmitter. My primary mode is CW. I enjoy 6 meters (when it's open). My antenna system is a DX Engineering 43 ft vertical with a LDG remote tuner.

I am a member of QCWA chapter 119, USS Wisconsin BB64 Radio Club and CARS -Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service

November 19, 2016