N3SY - Boris Gavrenko N3SY

Boris Gavrenko
Brooklyn, NY

QCWA # 33478

I was born in the Lugansk region of Ukraine, USSR in December of 1933. My life was much like the life of many youngsters in those days. I almost didn't notice how ham radio got hold of me in 1950. That is when I got introduced to the hobby at the club station of UA6KSA in the Crimea peninsula, by the Black Sea.

N3SY - Boris Gavrenko
Master of Sports of the USSR, awarded to me in 1973

N3SY - Boris Gavrenko
Meritirious Radioman of the USSR, awarded in 1979

N3SY - Boris Gavrenko
Soon thereafter I was an army radioman for few years.

N3SY - Boris Gavrenko
Young pioneers from Tallinn, Estonia, operating UR2KAN - UR2KAW, as guests of Artek, 1962

First Russian cosmonauts, Yuri Gagarin and German Titov, visiting Artek in 1963. This the first QSL featuring UB5ARTEK call (later became U5ARTEK). Around 1000 QSLs were sent out.

It was their support and guidance that enabled the opening of the UB5ARTEK (later U5ARTEK) - All-Union International Pioneer camp in the Crimea.

U5ARTEK was a special callsign issued by IARU in Geneva in 1964. The Central Radio Club of the USSR heeded the request by the Soviet school kids to have a club station at the camp.The Chairman of the USSR Radiosport Federation, Ernst Krenkel (RAEM, SK) and Nikolaj Kazansky, Secretary (UA3AF, SK) signed the application to the IARU. The callsign was approved!

N3SY - Boris Gavrenko

December 22, 2015