N3OB - Edward L. 'Ed' Porter N3OB

Edward L. 'Ed' Porter
Millsboro, DE

QCWA # 37335
Chapter 150

I was first licensed in 1967 as WA7HVG and was mostly active on 2 meters in the SF Bay area. Due to lack of time and too much work my license expired. I tested at Timonium Hamfest in MD in 1989 for Tech which I held until October 2014 when I passed the General which lasted 12 days, then I passed the Amateur Extra. Shortly after I changed my difficult to say N3HXS to N3OB.

I now live in Sussex county Delaware and am a member of SARA http://www.sussexamateurradio.com/

The HOA makes it difficult to get a good antenna. I stuck a Wolf River Coils Silver Bullet Portable in the ground and it works pretty good considering. I recently extended it out to the shed area getting it away from the noise in the house. I hope to hide a stealth antenna in the trees behind the house soon.

I worked 10 meters and 2 meters in the Laurel MD area shortly after receiving my Tech license for the second time. I then went inactive until mid 2014.

The new TS-590SG has arrived and I am going through a learning curve with both it and the associated PC software. Hope to communciate with you on the air.

December 2016 I added an IC-7300 to the shack. This rig will also be my take with me radio when on vacation or doing the snow bird thing.

February 28, 2017