N3LNP - Robert G. 'Bob' Jameson N3LNP

Robert G. 'Bob' Jameson
Ephrata, PA

QCWA # 37231
Chapter 31

Hello from Southeast Pennsylvania.This area is commonly called "Pennsylvania Dutch"country and is home to beautiful farmland and old covered bridges.

I was first licensed in 1964 as WN2SDI. My novice station was totally home built; a simple vacuum tube transceiver assembled from discarded TVs and radios. The xmtr produced only 4 watts, so every QSO was a struggle until I "scrounged" enough parts to add an amp stage. This was the start of a life-long hobby and I continue to "home brew" most of my antenna systems.

Other calls I've held include KL7HGK and N2GEU. Favorite HF bands are 40M and 17M. I'm also active on 4 local 2M nets.

Hope to hear you on the air!


November 24, 2016