John M. Mumper
St Leonard, MO

QCWA # 35000
Chapter 150
N3EDD - John M. Mumper

~ American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

~ Navy Amateur Radio Club, K4NAR: #752

~ Tin Can Sailors Net: #434

~ Calvert Amateur Radio Association, K3CAL

~ Calvert County, MD ARES

~ Calvert County, MD CERT

~ SkyWarn Spotter: #CTS07

~ Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA): #35000, DEL-MAR-VA Chapter 150

~ 7272 Ragchew Net

~ South Coast Amateur Radio Service (SOUTHCARS): #8229

~ The American Legion Amateur Radio Club, K9TAL

Back into HAM Radio & having fun after several years inactive (early 90's to 2004). From my first ticket (Technician) issued 30 Nov 1984, all I ever did was 2m FM. I upgraded to General in November 2007 & got on HF phone for the first time in December 2008.

I'm not into contests, field days, going for certificates like WAS, WAZ, DXCC, etc., or calling CQ though I sometimes answer CQ's. I do like checking into various nets (I'm now net control for the CARA 2m net) & I've enjoyed contacting various Special Event Stations. Much of my interest is in the public service & emergency service area.

As for the photo, I'm also a member of the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry, Company E (a Civil War re-enactment group).

November 6, 2014