N2OEL - Noel E. Spears N2OEL

Noel E. Spears
Ocala, FL - Winter
Maywood, NJ - Spring & Fall
Penn Yan, NY - Summer

QCWA # 36766
Chapter 62

My Novice ticket was issued 12/20/1983 with the call KA2TSL. About 3 months later, I took the General exam at the FCC field office in NYC. I was then issued the Technician call of N2FAV. In 2000 I upgraded to General and kept the call N2FAV, which I held to February 2007. In February of 2007, I upgraded to Extra and changed my call to the vanity call of N2OEL. My wife is Elizabeth, KB2CJD.

I am active with the Red Cross in Ridgewood, NJ, RACES (OEM) in Carlstadt, NJ, and CERT in Maywood, NJ. I belong to the Bergen Amateur Radio Association, the Bergen FM Association (145.79 repeater), The Fairlawn radio club, and the Chestnut Ridge (146.955) repeater organization.

My Icom radios are an IC-740 with SSB and CW filters for HF, and a IC-208H for UHF/VHF. One Icom 2H HT, two O2AT HT's, two 03AT HT's, two 04AT HT's, and an elderly 4A HT.

Additional equipment in my station: a Heath SB-1000 amplifier, a Astron 50 amp linear supply, a Kenwood 520 transceiver, a Kenwood 530 transceiver, a HTX-10 RS 10-Meter 25 watt transceiver, and two Kenwood 7950 2-meter radios, a AT-200 autotuner, and an old MFJ-989 tuner.

Besides being a moderator on the Icom _Mobile_Radios Yahoo group, I own the Kenwood 7950 Yahoo group, and am a moderator of the HTX-HF_TECH Yahoo Group.

June 06, 2015