Alan L. Black
Coral Springs, FL

QCWA # 35478

Ham Radio Operator: N2DUI (since 1982)

ARRL Life Member 1982

ARRL A-1 Operator Club 2008

Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) Life Member 2011

ARRL Extra Class Accredited Volunteer Examiner 2012

Amateur Class License History:

Novice: KA2OUQ (March 19, 1982)

Technician: KA2OUQ (May 21, 1982)

General: N2DUI (September 7, 1982) "Involuntary Vanity Call Sign" via random assignment; Tnx FCC!

Advanced: N2DUI (December 23, 1983)

Extra: N2DUI (March 16, 2012)

Ham Radio ECHOLINK STATION: N2DUI-L (Node Number 301334) linked to 2m repeater N2DUI/R on 146.655 MHz in Coral Springs, FL; NW corner of Broward County. Also repeater trustee for N2DUI/R 444.575 MHz linked with N2DUI/R 224.680 MHz for local ham usage in Coral Springs, FL.

In April 2012, after 25 years absence from HF bands, I returned to the airwaves by using a portable station set-up within my QTH. I am running Hustler Mobile Resonator Antennas from the parking spot of my complex with about 60ft Low Loss 400UF coax to my living room window with a Comet through-the-glass mount system.

Inside the apartment coming from my living room window, I feed another 30ft Low Loss 400UF coax to the LDG auto tuner that attaches to the Yaesu FT-950 rig.

I merely change Hustler resonators when I wish to change bands with the rig. I can operate all-modes on 40m to 6m.

N2DUI - Alan L. Black

N2DUI - Alan L. Black

N2DUI - Alan L. Black

February 3, 2013