General Manager Mar 2012 - Dec 2012


James F. 'Jim' LaPorta
Mabank, TX

QCWA #16841
Chapter 42
N1CC - James F LaPorta

Jim LaPorta was first licensed as KN6SXX in 1956, moving to K6SXX and Conditional Class the following year. Jim's "Elmer" Ted, W6FKI passed away in 2011. Following high school Jim joined the U.S. Army. In 1962, while stationed in Florida he passed the Extra Class. He had been called in by the local FCC office for operating without upgrading to General, of course they apologized when they realized Jim was in the Army and stationed there as it was OK to be /4 in those days without license upgrade, only if you were in the military!

Jim became WAØISO when he transferred to Ft. Riley KS, shortly followed by a 3-year tour in Germany as DL4LA and back in the USA to become W5QGZ at Fort Hood, Texas. Jim left the Army to work for the Army as a civilian in 1968 in Mesquite Texas. Shortly after his becoming a "civilian" he met several of the QCWA folks, and later when he had his 25-years in license Ted, W5EJ sponsored Jim to QCWA.

While in the Dallas area Jim was president of the Dallas Amateur Radio Club, 1970-1972, a member of the Richardson Wireless Klub, provided ham radio classes at Buckner Baptist Children's Center, where one of his students was Jim Haynie, now W5JBP and a member of QCWA in his own stead. Jim also founded Flotilla 5-12 of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary - a unique communications unit - and took the project of making VHF-Marine emergency services available on all the myriad lakes within 50 miles of Dallas - more water surface than Long Island Sound!

Jim was also one of the early Storm Spotters in Dallas County RACES and was active in ARRL as the Route Manager for North Texas. In 1975 Jim received W5LA as his call sign. Attending college full time at night Jim formed the Amateur Radio Society at the University of Texas at Dallas, and graduated in 1977, by this time Jim was employed by the US Veterans Administration, as a Veterans Representative on Campus. Jim accepted a position at ARRL HQ in December 1977 and relocated to Connecticut.

On arrival in Newington, Jim's new and present call sign was waiting - N1CC. Jim was the "Deputy Communications Manager In Training", scheduled to replace Ellen W1YL when George W1NJM retired. Instead, Ellen chose to also retire and Jim left ARRL's employ to seek a job in Telecommunications. Moving to Western Connecticut where He was the Training Supervisor for Product Information at General DataComm for 3 years, before being hired away by Motorola (Codex) starting a 17-year career with Motorola.

During the Connecticut years Jim was active with the Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC) and his time on the air was almost exclusively contesting. Seven years into Jim's time at Motorola he was promoted to be in charge of all major opportunities in state and local governments and relocated to Albany, NY where a major concentration of Motorola business existed. Jim became active in the Albany Amateur Radio Club, holding Director, Vice President, Editor, Webmaster, and Field Day Chairman Positions with the club. He maintained his activity with the YCCC, and as an operator for K2TR, K5NA/2 and other stations. Jim taught at Hudson Valley Community College teaching telecommunications part-time for seven years.

Retiring from Motorola in 1998 Jim relocated to South Carolina with Pirelli Optical Systems. Jim was active with the South East Contest Club and operated from NQ4I during several contests. Pirelli was acquired by Cisco Systems and Jim relocated to Richardson Texas in 2000. Jim was President of QCWA Chapter 41 for 2002-2004 and worked for Fujitsu Network Communications before relocating his home to Mabank Texas when his job was RIF. Jim is active with the North Texas Contest Club today, and has operated several times from AA5NT multi-single contest station. In 2004, Jim and his new wife Linda, NE5LL, became members of CERT in Coppell Texas.

Since 2006 Jim has been an Insurance Agent representing eighteen insurance providers. This "retirement gig" has allowed for travel and station enhancements above his "fixed income". Jim has made major improvements to his and Linda's station over the past two years.

Jim's wife Linda, NE5LL, is retired from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, where she was Regional Manager for several facilities in SW Louisiana. She became a ham in 2004, by going from not knowing Morse Code to Extra Class in 18-hours at HamCom. Linda prefers operation on the digital modes, while Jim enjoys CW and SSB operation.

New 2011 station layout is pictured. Details of the Force-12 C3 put into operation in July 2011 are located on the Chistmas Carol Link 2011 page in a PDF that you can view. This year's Christmas Carol is #32 as a Special Event -- the new antenna system in place is a Force-12 C3 at 40 feet, Alpha-Delta DX-LB in inverted vee configuration, apex at 38' ends at 20' and the DX Engineering 43' Vertical with Remote Tuner at the base and 32 radials. On 80 and 40 I will shift between the Inverted Vee and Vertical, as different results due to propagation will show one working better than the other.

I have been operating from Mabank, Henderson County, Texas since November 2005. My website shows current station configuration and activities.


N1CC - James F LaPorta

N1CC - James F LaPorta

N1CC - James F LaPorta

N1CC - James F LaPorta
LSDXA Dinner - 2010

N1CC - James F LaPorta
1966 in West Germany

N1CC - James F LaPorta
1963 Portable in Miami, FL

Novemebr 15, 2012