NØWI - Douglas 'Doug' Hands NØWI

Douglas 'Doug' Hands
Stillwater, MN

QCWA # 37391

I have enjoyed Hamming for the past five years after taking about 35 years away from it with a FT-1000 and dipoles about 35-50 feet up in the trees. I still have a Heath DX-60 A and Hammerlund Hq 180, Swan 500CX and Yeasu FT-1000d. My Antena is a Hy-Gain Thunderbird Mk3 Tribander and Alpha Delta Dipole 50 feet up over the bluff for 40 meters. Thanks for looking me up or giving me call. My home is the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota in a house built in the mid 1800's overlooking the St. Croix River. I feel fortunate to watch the many migratory birds the river affords.

April 03, 2017