NØTW - Terry Webb NØTW

Terry Webb
Monticello, FL

QCWA # 35622
Chapters 223 & 62

First licensed October 24, 1961 as Novice WN9AWU in Mt. Vernon, IL. Upgraded to Conditional on December 17, 1962 as WA9AWU. Later callsigns included WA3FRB, WA5QPR, WA9WBG and WBØNKB before getting NØTW in 1974. Passed the Extra Class in 1971.

Friends call me the "Tenna Wizard" because of my interest in antennas and the suffix of my callsign.

I presently serve as Ten Ten International Director, QSL Bureau Manager, and Net Control Operator.

I am a Senior Life member of Ten Ten International.

While living in Ohio I served in various positions with Delaware Amateur Radio Club K8ES and had lots of fun participating in Field Day activities.

I served in the US Naval Security Group and was a Morse Code "R" Brancher.

Retired as a Professional Engineer (Electrical) and am enjoying all aspects of ham radio including: chasing DX, Volunteer Examiner, and Elmer to several handicapped hams.

November 11, 2012