NØFPE - Daniel B. 'Dan' Nicholson NØFPE

Daniel B. 'Dan' Nicholson
Chandler, AZ

QCWA # 36933
Chapter 16

I have been a ham for 35 years and have seen lots of changes. But I still love the hobby. I have 160m thru 33cm radios on the air. Give me a call sometime! I also own 3 repeaters, 927.7125, 224.640 and 448.450. Email n0fpe@cox.net

My current home station consists of a Icom 756PROII, a FT-897D, a FT-8900, a Jetstream JT220M, a Motorola GTX 900mhz, an Alinco DR-135pkt and a Park Air Aircraft transceiver for monitoring local air traffic. Also a number of handhelds for 144, 220, 440, 900, and 1200mhz.

Mobile station consists of a Icom-706mk2g, FT-8800, JT220m, GTX900, Maxtrac M120(APRS)

My newest playtoy is a Motorola Mototrbo XPR-6500 UHF Digital handheld for playing on the local DMR repeater. And NOW a XPR 4550 mobile DMR radio!! Yippie!!

And now have a new Alinco DJ-29T 220/900mhz handheld.

CB'ers, Pans, LIDS and shovels all have handles. I HAVE A NAME

A link to the AZ repeaters home page

January 13, 2016