KX4R - Gregory J. Carter KX4R

Gregory J. Carter
Rockmart, GA

QCWA # 37302

I have been licensed since October 1969. Novice call was WN4OPG , then upgraded to General in 1970 as WB4OPG. Advanced Class in 1971 until upgrading to Extra in 1978. Applied for new call in 1980 and received KX4R. Enjoy chasing DX on the HF bands and have been active on 160 mtrs through 23 cm CW/SSB/AM. Also got hooked on collecting and restoring old tube type radios (Boatanchors) and have enough to keep me busy for a long long time ! Presently retired from UPS after almost 38 years and trying to get the station and antennas back in order at my new QTH.

Located on a small ridge in SE Polk County EM73lw...one of the higher spots in the county, approx 1300 ft elevation a.s.l.

January 27, 2017