KWØB - Scott A. Larson KWØB

Scott A. Larson
Lincoln, NE

QCWA # 28368
Chapter 25

First licensed in 1971 as a Novice as WNØFEP. I have also had the callsigns of WBØLJS, NØCTS, and KCØTY. I enjoy CW but have recently been bitten by the digital "bug" on JT-65 or PSK31. My rigs are a Kenwood TS-520SE and TS-430S. Due to limited townhouse lot space, the antenna is a Hygain 14-AVQ vertical. Once in awhile, I fire up my old Heathkit DX-60B and HR-10B receiver - similar to the station I had as a Novice 40 years ago. I'm a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) with a fundraising consulting firm in Omaha and currently working on a h.D. in Educational Administration. Besides ham radio, I also enjoy minor house remodeling and working on projects in my workshop with my grandchildren.

November 29, 2016