KV3X - D James 'Jim' Czech KV3X

D James 'Jim' Czech
Anchorage, AK

QCWA # 36826

Originally KA3ESU, in Beaver Falls, PA. Took the Novice test in December 1979. Couldn't wait, and bought a Kenwood TS-520SE (my neighbor, Bill W3LFY had the TS-520) at AES in Cleveland to be ready for my ticket. First licensed in January 1980, and the first contact on CW was with a KA6 station in California.

Then took the General test at the FCC office in Buffalo, NY. Changed my call to N8DSU, when I moved to East Liverpool, Ohio.

Got very involved in traffic handling (thanks to Chuck, K8JDI), serving as Net Manager for SSB and CW nets in Ohio. Also performed duties in the Eighth Region and Eastern Area nets, both SSB and CW.

Took the Extra class exam at the first volunteer examiner trials at the Dayton Hamvention in 1983. Passed the 20wpm code and the theory. But... whoops, I fell through the cracks.

Was awarded the Extra class, and used the interim call for my Extra class operating privileges. Then I received a phone call from the head of the FCC, Private Radio Bureau. Wow...!

While at Dayton, they had failed to administer the Advanced class theory. So, I had to suspend operations as an Amateur Extra class. I could schedule to take the Advanced theory at my convenience. He apologized and offered that I could take the test at "my convenience" but would have to take it at an FCC Field Office.

I told him I would take it 'immediately'. I traveled, once again, to Buffalo, NY, to the FCC Field Office. This was a special session, for a party of one, and the examiner wasn't too thrilled I was given this special treatment.

Anyway, took the Advanced theory test. I passed, but the examiner, she was so smug in telling me "you just barely passed." (The Advanced theory was harder than the Extra class...)

So, I got my Extra class privileges back, since I had already passed the Extra code and theory. When I moved back to Pennsylvania, I went ahead and put in for a call sign change.

I was watching the calls, and 'almost' got what I wanted. But was shooting for a 2x1 call no matter what. At the time decided I would keep the "KV3X" call. That is what the system doled out, and it wasn't for me to change again.

Moved around, and became less and less active. Went through 4-land, back to 8-land, and then on to KL7-land in 1996. Just recently became active once again.

And, boy, am I bitten by the bug, just like those times long ago...

August 30, 2015