Richard H. 'Skip' Jackson
Inver Grove Heights, MN

QCWA # 32978
Chapter 8
KSØJ - Richard H. 'Skip' Jackson

Skip Jackson started out as a novice with call KNØDYQ in 1955. Within a year, that was changed to KØDYQ. Skip has always been interested in amateur radio but was inactive for many years due to school, family and career. He became active in amateur radio in October 2001 after the tragic events of September 11.

The interest in amateur radio at the age of 14 and the influence of his mentor, WØHKF, Bob Kuehn, (SK) had a profound effect on Skip's life and career. It was this interest in radio and electronics that encouraged him to become a technician, electrical engineer and manager for the 3M Company. After working at his successful career for over forty years, he is now retired from his career activities and is more active in amateur radio as he now has the time.

Skip has been Minnesota Section Manager for the ARRL since 2004. In addition to the ARRL Minnesota Section website, he maintains a supplemental website at www.mn-section.org.

Skip is a strong supporter and participant in the ARRL and other radio amateur educational activities.

March 19, 2015