KQØEA - James W. 'Jim' Jerzycke KQØEA

James W. 'Jim' Jerzycke
Torrance, CA

QCWA # 36215
Chapter 7

With my son Filip, KF6WVV, at the 2006 URAC Field Day site. http://www.k6aa.org

First licensed as WN9THB in the Fall of 1964, I upgraded to General as WA9THB just in time for the 1965 Field Day with my club, the Joliet Amateur Radio Society.

Main HF rigs are a Kenwood TS-950SDX, and a FlexRadio Systems 5000A feeding a Shakespeare AT-1011 military vertical mounted at 10 feet with elevated radials and an SGC-230 Smartuner mounted at the feedpoint.

Emergency/Portable radio is an Elecraft K2/100/KAT100 with a Buddipole/Buddistick. Power supplied by 200 Watts of solar panels feeding an Optima "Yellow Top" deep-cycle battery.

Satellite station is a modifed Yaesu FT-847 with M2 linear polarized antennas (7-elements on 2M and 11-elements on 70cm) with SSB Electronic preamps mounted on a 9' Glen Martin tower with a Yaesu G-5400 rotator. SatPC32 is used for full Doppler and antenna control.

Currently active on all bands from 40 Meters through 70cm.

August 11, 2015