KN5UPS - John R. Anderson KN5UPS

John R. Anderson
Broken Arrow, OK

QCWA # 36200

School in Tulsa OK. Graduated from Edison High School in 1962.

Went to one year at OSU Stillwater.

USMC from 1963-1967

Spartan School of Aero and received both A&P license.
Went to work for AA 1987 till 2010.

Working on Extra class.
Have several hobbies. Model trains, hot rod cars, guitar, Antique radio club.

Hi everyone. first got my ticket in 1959 when in the Boy Scouts. Didnt do much with the novice ticket. Got back into it in 2010 got my Tech. in April and my general in june. Got a small station but having a great time building stealth antennas. Been working 20m OMISS net for the WAS. Im starting to get on 40m now that I got an antenna up in December 2010. Main radio is Yeasu 897d with matching tunner. 2m radio is Heathkit 2036a with matching power supply. Heatkit SB 200 is the amp im running with the output going threw a MFJ watt meter. Im doing PSK 31 with an old HP laptop running windows XP and a rig blaster PULG & PLAY. Ive got a 10m & 20m & 40m dipole in the attic and a ACE hardware 16ft steel flag pole in the front yard which i run on 20m also. The 2m rig is running a Ringo Ranger on the roof in the back yard. The shack is in a dormer on the second floor. I built a box with a door and it extends out into the attic. There is a four way out there for power and easy access for the coax to come in.Ive also run 220 from the breaker box in the garage and it has it own recept for the 220v for the amp. Also running a 6 way antenna switch so I can change antennas with not to much pain. Have a 3 way antenna switch for 2m only.

Im also into and have been since high school, street rods and at the present have a 1937 Ford cabriolet. Its all vette under the body. We take several extened trips to shows in it each year.

My call is the novice call from 1959.

Im located in broken Arrow OK





June 1, 2013