KN1CBR - Edward A. 'Ted' Dauer KN1CBR

Edward A. 'Ted' Dauer
Denver, CO

QCWA # 36230

Licensed as KN1CBR in 1957, graduated to K1CBR (General class) in 1958 and to Amateur Extra Class a few years later. Then in the 2000's nostalgia defeated common sense and I went back to my original call - KN1CBR.

Two station locations - one in a condo in Denver, where I run a KX3 and an indoor Buddipole. The other in Teller County, CO, at an elevation of about 8,600' next to the Pike National Forest, where I have a K3 and P3 with KPA500 and KAT500, and 40 acres of Ponderosa Pine trees festooned with antenna wire. (The photo above is Pike's Peak as seen from the Teller County operating QTH.)

I have been 100% CW on the HF bands for more than 50 years. I don't get on the air very much now, though I enjoy both DXing and contest work.

Happy to QSL with a card on request, and am 100% through LOTW.

On the personal side, apart from being KN1CBR, I have had a career as a lawyer, a law professor, and as a consultant and a professor of health policy and healthcare economics. I am presently more-or-less retired, though this is my third attempt at that. It will probably fail just as the first two attempts did. I still do some commercial arbitrations and represent a small number of long-standing clients in both of the fields that made up the majority of my practice: healthcare law and policy, and international oil and gas arbitration. Nope; I don't know how that odd combination happened either.

KN1CBR, Edward A. Dauer, known on the air as "Ted"

September 28, 2015