KM6WM - Earle G. Anten KM6WM

Earle G. Anten
Martines, CA

QCWA # 29219
Chapters 228 & 75

I have been ham operator since 1971. Am retired for over 14 years. Love to jump around the bands and see who is calling CQ, and try to make contact with them. Running an Elecraft K3 with the Elercraft Amplifier of 500 Watts. Antenna is a W5GI Multi band Mystery antenna, up aboiut 34 feet. It is a home brew for a drawing seen on the internet. Works very well for me. Hope to make contact with you in the future.

73 Earle KM6WM

KM6WM - Earle G. Anten

June 04, 2016