KK6M - David R. Godden KK6M

David R. Godden
Arcadia, CA

QCWA # 37560
Chapter 7

Thank you for taking the time to look me up. I am a life-time ARRL member and have been an amateur radio operator now for over 35 years and am a proud holder of the Old Timers Certificate. During the past three decades plus my interests in radio has ranged from kit building QRP rigs to running QRO and chasing DX. Currently I am a low profile radio operator and continue to do a bit of operating out of the car.

By the way, this call KK6M was first issued to me in April of 1980. My first call sign was KA6EBU but I only had it for about three months. I upgraded very quickly to Advanced and used the call KB6MK for about one year before upgrading again to the current call. I went from Novice to Extra class in 13 months if I recall. I did not make it to Amateur Extra within the one year that I set as a goal for myself. I did make the upgrade the old fashioned way and that.s what counts.

Mobil operations for me include using a trust handy dandy Kenwood TS 50s for HF stuff along with the Ne-Ke for CW. It is a real kick to operate CW out of the car. It is different and takes a little getting use to but lots of fun. Of course the UHF/VHF stuff is there too. Again a Kenwood rig, the older TS742A tri-bander, is what is in use for 220/144/440 bands. This radio works very well both at home here in Arcadia and on the road.

Just recently I have fired up an Icom 5100 on D-Star through the PAPA network - now that is some crazy stuff. Recently I have become active with DMR using the Connect Systems CS-580 hand held and the CS-800 mobile rigs. I love this mode.

I would love to hear from you, old friend or new. Just drop me a line at KK6M at ARRL.Net and I will get right back to you. Again, thanks for your interest in looking me up.

I just renewed my licence and will be active for another 10 years God willing and the creek don't rise.

My plans now for the next forseeable future is to get active again on the PAPA System and the HF bands renewing old friendships. Maybe stop by the Southern Cal DX club for a meeting. I was first a member in the 80s and still have the badge. My antenna system at the house here in Arcadia is modest so my DXing will be on the down low but I love chasing the elusive calls and will try to grab that new one if possible.

73 de KK6M David Roy Godden

KK6M - David R. Godden
I just put up an 80 meter loop with a 2.5:1 balun designed by AG6IF. Love this thing. What do you think?

KK6M - David R. Godden
Here is another point in the loop

KK6M - David R. Godden
The Balun is a 2.5:1 designed by AG6IF

Its a beautiful thing AND it works great. I will update as soon as I get a couple weeks with it on the air.

December 15, 2017