KI6T - March 29, 2010

Gary A. Stilwell
Fair Oaks, CA
QCWA # 27725

KI6T - Gary A. Stilwell KI6T (ex W6NJU, J68GS), Gary A. Stilwell, became a Silent Key, on Monday March 29th. He was 73.

Gary (not to be confused with NI6T, Garry!) was the owner of The Radioplace in Sacramento, California.

KI6T was a serious DXer sitting at the top of the DXCC Mixed Honor Roll with 338/384 (active/total) countries. He was one shy of all on Phone and missing two on CW.

K6TA, Ken, remembers Gary as "one of the last two standing at Visalia when the DXCC count down was done." The then W6NJU was the second station from California to achieve 5 Band DXCC (#13). He was a long time DXCC Field Checker. KI6T was a past President of the Southern California DX Club (SCDXC) and multiple times officer for the Mother Lode DX/Contest Club (MLDXCC).

He was Secretary/Treasurer of Chapter 169, Sacramento Valley.

Charles W6DPD