Scott A. Pederson
Austin, TX

QCWA # 35935
Chapter 38
KI5DR - Scott A. Pederson

Howdy from Austin, Texas!

Update time for June 2015! (Yikes, I realized I had not updated this page in a while...)

Well, unfortunately the last couple years have been "Ham-Dry" for me, not much activity. Mostly due to family and work commitments, and as such it resulted in my sacrificing some of my radio equipment to invest in my other addiction - guitars and music. I'd been playing in a couple of bands around Austin, TX and when you need cash for gear, something had to give.

But, the last band broke up due to the classic (Should we play Rock, or Country?) arguments between members, and with my kids growing up and getting out on their own, I am finding myself with spare time on my hands.

I still live in a deed-restricted community in North-Austin (Round Rock) and try to operate a lot of mobile / rover ops, and sometimes guest-operate from other stations. I've got a small 20m QRP MFJ SSB radio I picked up at a local Hamfest for $99, and a temporary dipole in the backyard gets me kinda on-the-air.

Otherwise work keeps me busy dabbling in Cloud architectures and getting out and riding motorcycles on the weekends on occasion too.

Thanks! Es 73 de

Scott - KI5DR

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December 14, 2015