KH6DHK - John K. Bartz KH6DHK

John K. Bartz
Alexandria, VA

QCWA # 36112
Chapter 212

Born and raised in Hawaii, mostly in Honolulu, which I left after finishing college, winding up recently in Alexandria, Virginia south of Old Town Alexandria and near Mount Vernon, after living in California near San Francisco; near Stuttgart, Germany; New England (CT, MA, NH); again Germany near Frankfurt: Washington, DC; West Point, NY; and Columbus, Ohio. (I have submitted an address change of my FCC license from Columbus to Alexandria.)

Licensed as WH6DHK (Novice) in 1959, upgraded to General as KH6DHK in 1960, worked mostly CW & some AM with 75W input, including while home summers during college on the mainland, where I used the club station and my own when home summers. Allowed license to lapse in 1981.

Just relicensed in 2012 (Technician), upgraded to General August 3, 2013, upgraded further to Extra September 5, 2013. Was relicensed happily with my old call KH6DHK as a vanity call.

In Columbus I was working HF SSB, some CW, QRP up to 100W, also enjoying local QSO on 2M, mostly via repeaters - had mobile and base 2M rigs and HF rig, with 2M vertical, 10/20/40M OCF dipole and 17/30M CF dipole. Currently I am working 2M on my mobile rig, mostly via repeaters pending setting up my HF rig here, which I plan to do soon. I continue to participate in a Columbus club net via Echolink.

I still have family (two sisters and their families, and a number of aunts, uncles and cousins), friends, and high school classmates in Hawaii, as well as a small condo there where my wife and I stay when we visit.

Hawaii is the home of my heart, but my wife and I plan to be in Alexandria for the foreseeable future. However, one never knows what lies in store for one.

[DHK = "Da Hawaiian Kid" -- "da" = Hawaiian Pidgin English for "the"]

November 9, 2014