KG8DN - Kenneth A. 'Ken' Kane KG8DN

Kenneth A. 'Ken' Kane
Gates Mills, OH

QCWA # 37206
Chapter 1

I am a member of a religious community of men called the "Brothers of Holy Cross" based at Notre Dame, Indiana.

I serve part time as archivist and instructional support person at Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills, Ohio, and I live in Holy Cross House on the Academy campus.

A proud member of the Lake Erie Amateur Radio Association (LEARA), I enjoy helping with public service events, and working with high school students.

We have an Amateur Radio Club at Gilmour Academy and occasionally meet in the afternoon near 3:30 PM. Sometimes we explore 20 meter Sideband during the meetings, calling CQ near 14.250 MHz.

Our Club Website:

Our school club callsign (which we will use during meetings) is ND8GA, commemorating our affiliation with the University of Notre Dame, and also referencing our school name, Gilmour Academy.

We have a number of students in our club who may be at the rigs at Gilmour and may serve occasionally as 3rd party HF operators in my presence.

Feel free to contact me by email to set up a sked any time!

Ken, KG8DN

KG8DN - Kenneth A. 'Ken' Kane

October 18, 2016