KG6LS - Delmar B. 'Del' Ihle KG6LS

Delmar B. 'Del' Ihle
Orange Park, FL

QCWA # 37612

First licensed as WA4QHV at Memphis Tennessee in 1963, and later as WAØJYS. I went crazy over contests and DX during the 1970's. Eventually, I went temporarily QRT at the end of the decade due to work and family. I upgraded to Advanced during the 1990's to become KG6LS. After being off the air for nearly 29 years, two high school buddies (elmers) harrassed me long enough to get me to return to the air. Bill KE9GS and Carl AE7PS provided great encouragement and support. Thank your guys!!! I returned to the air on March 13, 2017. YAY !!! More recently another old friend, Bill KX4WW pitched in. Thank you Bill! In the many years while away from Ham Radio, I was with Tandy Corp - Radio Shack for almost 12 years. So I never was really far away from the love of electronics. I have beed married for about 45 years to a lovely girl from Okinawa Japan and we have four sons. I hope to have the pleasure of making new contacts with many amateur radio enthusiasts worldwide. Thank you for your interest! Update: Passed my "Extra" exam 11/2/2017! YAY !!!

QSL: Direct (KG6LS) or LOTW.

STATION: Kenwood TS590GS - 100 watts; Buckmaster OCF Dipole; G5RV Dipole. Both are at 33ft high. Coming soon: TA53 yagi at 45 ft.

KG6LS - Delmar B. 'Del' Ihle

February 16, 2018