KG4FUR - Gerald B. 'Gerry' Gawaldo KG4FUR

Gerald B. 'Gerry' Gawaldo
Boca Raton, FL

QCWA # 37464
Chapter 111

Primary Photo: 2011 Winter Look with beard

Left Photo: May 2015 with rig after QSO

Right Photo: Boca Raton QTH Shack Rig Set-up:

Primary Desktop Rig . FT-450D, AL-811, AT600ProII, CN-801, SignaLink USB, MFJ-108B (Dual LCD Clock)

Secondary Tabletop Rig - FT-817ND, Z-817, AWM-24, SCU-17

Analog VHF/UHF Desktop Rig - AT-5888UV, WORKMAN SW-144/430 SWR-Wattmeter

DMR UHF Desktop Rig - CS-800
Retired: Transit Professional, GISP, and US Army LTC. Cristi and I are both retired and living in Boca Raton Florida. We love to travel. She is originally from Ecuador, so I'm learning Spanish through osmosis. When I retired, Cristi encouraged me to become more active and expand my hobbies:

President/Member,Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association (BRARA)

Zone Leader (7L), City of Boca Raton Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

.NCS on Thursday Noon South CARS Net (7.251 MHz, LSB)

Accredited Extra Class Volunteer Examiner (VE), ARRL and LARC

Accredited ARECC Field Examiner (EC-001)

Certified Skywarn [ID# PB1143]

NIMS: IS-001, IS-100, IS-103, IS-144, IS-200, IS-201, IS-230, IS-235, IS-242, IS-244, IS-250, IS-288, IS-315, IS-613, IS-700, IS-701, IS,702, IS-704, IS-706, IS-800, IS-801, IS-802, IS-922,G-300

Florida's Strategic National Stockpile Training Program

Certified Graphic Information Systems Professional (GISP)

LTC, US Army Retired and Graduate, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

Masters Business Administration (MBA), Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

Bachelor of Science, Business and Administraion, Duquesne Universiy, Pitsburgh, PA

Boca Raton QTH - KG4FUR:
1.Analog (HF/6m) via Yaesu FT-450D barefoot (100w) through Ameritron AL-811 Linear Amp (300w), LDG AT-600ProII Autotuner, Daiwa CN-801 SWR & Power Meter, and W5GI Mystery Antenna (40-6m) or Ultimax 100 (80-6m). Data via SignaLink USB. When Parity passes, I hope to erect a Cushcraft R-8.
2.Analog (2m/70cm) via Anytone AT-5888UV Dual Band (2m/440) through WORKMAN SX-144/430 SWR-Wattmeter and Arrow OSJ 146/440 or GP 146/440 antennas. Diamond D-130J discone also.
3. DMR (70cm) via Connect Systems CS-800 for UHF DMR through Tram-Browing BR-6140 Omni (DMR User ID# 3112249).

Mobile - KG4FUR:
1.Analog (HF/6m/2m/70cm) via Yaesu FT-857D through ATAS 120A
2.DMR (70cm) via Connect Systems CS-750 (DMR User ID# 3112249).

Portable/Ecuador QTH - HC2GBT:
1.Analog via Yaesu FT-817ND through RM Italy KL-300P Solid State Broad Band HF Linear Amp & 25/586 Low Pass Filter, LDG Z-817 Autotuner, AMW-24 SWR/Wattmeter, and Buddipole Antenna or Ultimax 100 End-Fed (80-6m) Antenna. Data via Yaesu SCU-17 Interface Unit. Eventually, I'll hope to have my Comet SBB14 (6m/2m/70cm) and MFJ-1385H (20-10m) antennas in my Punta Barandua QTH in Ecuador.

2.DMR (70cm) via Tytera MD-380 (DMR User ID# 7400002).

Back-up -
1.Yaesu FT-857D through LDG YT-100 Autotuner and MFJ-874 SWR/Wattmeter. Data via Yaesu SCU-17 Interface Unit. This radio is currently my mobile unit..
2..Atlantc Technology QM-2100. This radio is located at the Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association (BRARA) Shack (N4BRF, DMR User ID# 3112529)

KG4FUR - Gerald B. 'Gerry' Gawaldo

KG4FUR - Gerald B. 'Gerry' Gawaldo

July 08, 2017