KE4XJ - Brad A. Steffler KE4XJ

Brad A. Steffler
Mobile, AL

QCWA # 37167

I first became interested in Ham Radio by a friend down the street, WA5AMV in 1962 or 1963. I was first licensed in 1969 as WN5VYC in Houston, Texas but I never got on the air, being a very poor college sophomore.

Graduated college in 1972 with a degree in mathematics from the University of Houston and entered medical school 5 weeks later. While in college, I worked as a co-op student as a Fortran IV programmer for Texaco, Inc. Graduated medical school, Baylor College of Medicine, in 1975 by going 12 months a year for three years (not reccommended!). Did a residency in Radiology at University of Tennessee Medical Center in Memphis, TN.

Moved my little family to Birmingham, AL and passed the novice exam in 1980 and became KA4OHR. Upgraded to Advanced in 1981 and became KE4XJ. Originally had a Kenwood TS 520-SE and dipoles with a little MFJ tuner. Sold the TS 520-SE intending to get a more modern rig but life - 4 children - and a busy career intervened. Upgraded to Extra Class in 2001.

Moved to Mobile, AL in January 2002 and joined a medical school faculty as chief of Interventional Radiology. While I intended to get back on the air on HF, I was active on 2 meters. After the death of one of my children in June 2002, loss of my father in July 2003 almost loss of my wife in 2004, Ham Radio remained on the back burner.

Fast forward to happier times: My wife, now fully recovered, urged me to get an HF sation set up. So, in 2010 we attended the Huntsville, AL Hamfest and I bought a brand new Flex 5000a with a second receiver. It feeds a full wavelength 80 meter horizontal delta loop anywhere from 25 to 50 feet up - I am blessed with a lot of trees - and fed with 600 ohm parallel line and matched with either an MFJ 974BH balanced line tumer or a homebrew balanced, balanced tuner a la Rich Measures, AG6K( realizing that a tuner is actually an impedamce matching device and tunes nothing). A full wave 160 Meter horizontal loop is planned for the summer of 2013 and log periodic array on a modest tower is also planned. I enjoy 10, 40 and 80 meters the most and 6 meter operation is also in the works soon. For VHF/UHF, a Yaesu 7800R is used. At some point, I intend to place outboard transverters on my Flex and get on all modes 6 meters and above.

My first name is Brad and I am on 10, 40 and 80 meters. As this is written, 12/8/2012, I am enjoying the night time 80 and 40 meter propagation and the daytime 10 meter propagation. I am on eQSL and keep a written log as well. I am still trying to bring back my CW skills and I will not rest until I can do 20 WPM. Hope to C U on 10 meters daytime and 40 or 80 meters at night, both CW and SSB. I have yet to try any digital modes but, as an old programmer, they intrigue me.

August 29, 2016