KD6XH - Clifford E. Hauser KD6XH

Clifford E. Hauser
Tucson, AZ

QCWA # 36963
Chapter 16

First licensed in 1972 as General class, WA6KTN, while at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Updated to advanced class in 1975 in Long Beach, California, and obtained new call. Updated to Extra in the 96 while at the DX convention in Visalia. Retired from the ARMY Signal Corp in 1997 and stayed here in Tucson working for Honeywell (retred in 2005) and Rayteon Missle Sytems (retired in 2014).

I had the privilege of being the ARRL Section Manager for Arizona from 1993 through 2004. I am presently a member of the Southern Arizona and Central Arizona DX Association. Active on 10-meters using my 10-10 number of 4427. Member of US ARMY MARS program as AAR9BH, and presently I am the Arizona state repeater coordinator. My DX-Expeditions were Myanmar (Old Burma) in 2000, Banaba Island as T33A in 2013, Western Samoa as 5W0XH for the CQ-WW-SSB Contest in 2014, and American Samoa as W1AW/KH8, also in 2014

KD6XH - Clifford E. Hauser

January 30, 2016