KD4FUN - Brian L. Gray KD4FUN

Brian L. Gray
Havelock, NC

QCWA # 37615
Chapter 145

Active in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Navy-Marine Corps M.A.R.S., callsign NNNØRGL, National Traffic System & SkyWarn. Volunteer Firefighter/ Rescue Craven County Township Six Fire Department and E.M.T. with Havelock Fire / Rescue.

In the Shack: Equipment is as follows: Kenwood TS-850 AT, Heathkit SB200Linear, Heathkit 2040 Tuner, Kenwood TR-9000 two meter all mode rig, Astron 30 amp power supply, Icom micro 2AT, Gold and Silver Eagle D104 Base Mics, Turner +3 Base Mic, three scanners. Antenna is a dipole 140 foot long up 55 feet fed by 450 ohm ladder line, 4:1 commercial Balun and coax to the rig

Mobile: Icom 706 MII G HF radio, Icom 208H Dualband radio, Radio Shack Pro 162 scanner, Motorola Radius M1225 VHF radio, Dual band 5/8 wave NMO mount for VHF/UHF mobile work. NMO scanner Antenna and quarter wave ant for the Motorola. Tarheel Model M100 screwdriver antenna for HF. Stop by the North Carolina Section Nets on 3.923.00 Khz and say hello.

73 De Brian KD4FUN / NNNØRGL

February 16, 2018