Curtis E. 'Curt' Gidding
Savoy, IL

QCWA # 36102
KC9UNL - Curtis E. 'Curt' Gidding

I obtained my teenage dream of getting my ham license in 1968 after completing my college at Rose Hulman in Terre Haute, IN with a degree in Chemistry. My first call, WN9ZQJ. Living in an apartment and trying to make CW contacts with my Heathkit HW-16 was a real challenge.

When I finally moved to a location where I could have a vertical antenna, it was a real milestone. I got my General ticket and become WA9ZQJ. For several years I operated SSB and CW. As job assignments changed, I moved to Springfield, MO in 1973 and had the call sign, WB0RJY.

From 1977, moved back to Illinois and got my Advanced and a new call, KD9WB and was active until 1980. From 1980-1985 I was inactive. From 1986-1992 was active and operated SSB, CW, and RTTY with a great set of Drake Twins. From 1992, I was inactive due to a busy schedule of business and international travel. In the 1990's I allowed my license to expire and felt that my amateur activities would probably cease forever.

But in 2011, I decided to take the tests and get my license again. Living in Savoy, IL I obtained the call sign, KC9UNL. At this time, it was amazing how technology had influenced amateur radio and how many new digital modes had been created. Living in a condo environment, I have found that using low power and digital modes, PSK and JT65, I can work a lot of DX and have lots of fun. I regained my interest in CW and have gotten my code speed up to a point that I enjoy working that mode again. I also have found a lot of pleasure in reading about the vintage equipment that I remember from my earlier days and working with some of the Drake equipment.


KC9UNL - Curtis E. 'Curt' Gidding

March 20, 2013