KC3D - Howard M. Rensin KC3D

Howard M. Rensin
Glenwood, MD

QCWA # 16015

100% QSL via Bureau. First licensed in 1957. Prior calls: WN2THJ, W2THJ, W3ECN.

Member: Columbia (Maryland) Amateur Radio Assoc. (CARA), Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC), QRP ARCI # 14682, NAQCC # 3738, SKCC # 10179, Life Member ARRL; QCWA and Ten-Ten #: 25711.

I was issued my novice ticket on my 14th. birthday, July 31, 1957 in Syracuse, NY. Having passed my novice exam a few weeks earlier, I sent away for a Heathkit DX-35 and spent the better part of the summer trying to put it together. Fortunately I had some help and finally got it working. I had purchased a Hellicrafter S-20R general coverage receiver from the father of a friend who lived across the street for $15. It drifted so badly, that every time I stopped transmitting and went to receive, it was a mystery where I would be listening. After a while I learned to let it warm up for a half an hour before starting a QSO. In those days, novices were limited to xtal controlled transmitters no greater than 75 watts. I had limited funds so I only bought one xtal and worked all my novice contacts on 7175 Khz.

The novice license then was only good for one year and not renewable. I upgraded to Technician but was not able to master the CW until much later in life.

When I moved to Maryland in 1964 I was assigned W3ECN which I kept until I upgraded to extra over 30 years ago and received the KC3D callsign. In those days you had to pass a 20 wpm test.

My tower consists of a telephone pole that I had installed in my backyard and on which I have a Yagi and a UHF/VHF vertical. My DXCC score is nearing 200 and lately I have become interested in QRP and kit building.

I am a member of the board of directors of the Columbia Amateur Radio Assoc. which is the club for Howard County, Maryland. I am active in RACES, ARES and Field Day (joint effort by CARA & PVRC) and have taken the lead in organizing a ham radio club at the local community college.

I have met many great friends and interesting people from ham radio. Radio was my first love (crystal set at age 7) and has always been a part of my life and hope always will.

KC3D - Howard M. Rensin

July 21, 2013