KC2Q - Michael S. 'Mike' Di Persio KC2Q

Michael S. 'Mike' Di Persio
Davenport, FL

QCWA # 30219
Chapters 45 & 138

My QSL card..... YES! I build Castles in the Sand. (Can you spot the 4 element yagi on the Castle Turret?) The call KC2Q, was issued in 1979, prior call was WB2BTC (Bell Telephone Company). Born and raised in the Bronx, NY moved to NJ in 1969. Now lives 99% in FL. Obtained Honor Roll Status of DXCC in 1997. Present DXCC total entities worked and confirmed is 344. It only took 40 years but I finally made #1 on the DXCC Honor Roll, Also holds certificates for WAC phone & SSTV, WAS and WAZ.

Have Elmered over 360 hams over the past 40 years, Received the Elmer of The Year Award from the Marconi Chapter 138 of the QCWA in 1985, of which I eventually became a member and also a past-president. Am also a member of Citrus chapter 45 in Orlando, Fl.

I am a VE laison (ARRL/VEC) a Member and Past President of the Garden State Amateur Radio Association, member & Past-President of JCDXA (NA2DX) (Jersey Coast DX Association) chapter of the NADXA ( North America DX Assoc., Inc.) www.nadxa.org , A Member of NARC (Navy Amateur Radio Club). I was a Charter member,past-president, now ex-member of (OMARC) Ocean-Monmouth Amateur Radio Club which I helped founded in 1977. Also a member of OARC (Orlando Amateur Radio Club) & D.E.A.R.S. (Disney Emergency Amateur Radio Ser.) Life member of both, INDXA & NADXA (North America DX Assoc.,Inc.)(WR2DX).

KC2Q has helped run the BUS trip that was sponsord by the NADXA (North America DX Assoc.Inc.) to the Dayton Hamvention from 1990, till 2013. (don't think it's being run any longer)

Mike, KC2Q designed the KC2Q-Quad band HF Mobile antenna Adaptor in 1982. A totally Stainless Steel Adaptor that allows up to 4 Hustler Resonatores, for the use of any 5 bands by just switching the freq. on the radio from inside of the mobile. With the Hustler 54 in. mast U have 6 mtrs., + 10, 15, 20, and 40 mtrs., or 17 or 80 meter resonators can be substituted, (No stopping to change resonators, no tuner needed, etc.) Works great!

Tnx for stopping by.

73 & gud DX.

September 19, 2015