KC1EKV - Bernard M. 'Bernie' Lewis KC1EKV

Bernard M. 'Bernie' Lewis
Randolph, VT

QCWA # 36937
Chapter 146

I was first licensed as a Novice in the late 1950's. Back then, you would save up to buy a Hallicrafters receiver and either kit build or scratch build your transmitter. I put up an antenna from the mast of my parents' tv antenna to a nearby telephone pole. A large knife switch was used to move the antenna from transmitter to receiver. I have no idea what the SWR was.

QSOs were made by sorting through a handful of crystals to find one close to the Ham calling CQ and hoping he would hear you. It's a wonder we made any contacts. After upgrading to Technician, I was active in 2 meters. Our club put up one of the first repeaters. Club members accessed the repeater by way of a small box with a crystal controlled oscillator with a rotary telephone dial. You would would turn on the repeater by dialing a series of numbers while holding your mic over the oscillator speaker.

After being away from the hobby for 40+ years, I recently became licensed again. I am amazed at the advances in the hobby. I am having a great time learning to use all the new tools available to us.

April 21, 2016