KB8RAD - Donald L. 'Don' Mc Lain KB8RAD

Donald L. 'Don' Mc Lain
Holt, MI

QCWA # 37766
Chapter 135
First Call: KB8RAD

I was first licensed in December of 1993 at the age of 40. Although the Technician "no code" license was available at that time, I opted instead to enter the Amateur Radio Service as a Technician "Plus"--choosing to learn the Morse Code at 5 WPM. Since there were no Hams in my life prior to being licensed, I more or less stumbled upon Amateur Radio by way of my communications monitoring hobby, which I have enjoyed since 1976. In the course of my Ham "career", I have had the honor of serving for several years on the Boards of the Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club and the Lansing Civil Defense Repeater Association. I am a trained "Weather Spotter" for the National Weather Service's SKYWARN program, and a member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. I've been a member of the American Radio Relay League since shortly after becoming a Ham. I finally conquered Morse Code at 20 WPM (all thanks go to GOD!!) and reached the final license status of Amateur Extra Class in October of 1998. Since this was BEFORE license restructuring, and back when you had to work your way up through SIX license Classes instead of only three, it meant MORE tests and MORE studying, but it sure was worth it! In addition to the above activities, I have enjoyed serving as a Volunteer Examiner with the ARRL/VEC since November of 1998. I have had the privilege (either directly or indirectly) of bringing many new members into our hobby and will continue, in the years to come, to do my part in preserving and protecting our time-honored avocation. I consider Amateur Radio to be one of the most rewarding and worthwhile pastimes the world has to offer, but as great as it is, it means nothing compared to my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I've been "born again" and look forward to living with Him in Heaven for eternity because He died for my sins on the cross, and then rose triumphantly from the dead. What in the "world" can compare with that!

73 and God bless,
Don McLain-KB8RAD

August 20, 2018