Ralph Hawkins, KA5CNT
Oklahoma City, OK
QCWA # 31815
Chapters 15 and 63

Hello all, last Spring at the Green country Hamfest Gary Harrison approached me to run for Director's seat on the QCWA Board. At that time I told Gary I would give it some thought, and now here I am coming to you asking for your vote.

My friends call me Gene, But my name is Ralph E. Hawkins my call is KA5CNT and I live in Okla. City, Ok. with my wife Linda of 40 years. I have 2 sons and 7 Grandchildren.

I have been involved in Amateur Radio since about 1975 and have held my present call since 1978.

I have worked in the transportation Industry for 36 years, and I have been a partner in a mechanical contracting business in the Oklahoma City, OK. area for more than 40 years.

My wife and I have been members of Springdale Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, for 30 years.

My interests other than Amateur Radio are, BSA, Hunting, Fishing, traveling, and being just Grandpa.

Having served on many Committee's, and board's of different groups over the years I accept challenges with a direct no nonsense approach and enjoy working with open minded people. Most of my friends would label me as a conservative, and that would be a fair statement, in this short article I won't bore you with the positions or titles I have held over the years, but, as with many people my age there have been many. So, that being said, I firmly believe in good sound management practices, and being responsible to the people that put you in office, and if it is the wish of the membership I will serve as a Director of QCWA. And, most of all Amateur Radio is a Hobby! Have FUN.