KA2E - Michael B. 'Mike' Sturm KA2E

Michael B. 'Mike' Sturm
Staten Island, NY

QCWA # 29125
Chapter 181

I was first licensed in 1972 as WB2KBG and received KA2E when I upgraded to Extra in 1979. Since this photo was taken, I've added a AL-80B amplifier - the first Amp. I ever owned. I also got a cordless phone and a new pair of sweat pants - haven't worn anything more formal since I retired 2011. I have Amateur Radio to thank for my 35 year career as an IT Specialist for the Army. An early 70's article on microprocessors in a ham radio magazine got me hooked on programming which began as a hobby and nowadays is a hobby again. VY 73, hope to hear you on the QCWA nets.

KA2E - Michael B. 'Mike' Sturm I wore the jacket in Europe and Saudi and still wear it. The hat belonged to Ezra J. Staples, a dear friend, co-worker and former member of the Tuskegee Airmen.

November 7, 2015