KAØCSW - James A. 'Jim' Westrup KAØCSW

James A. 'Jim' Westrup
Litchfield, MN

QCWA # 34825

I passed my Novice test in 1978. Then Finally my General and 13 WPM in 1982, at the FCC building in St. Paul. In 1985 I got married, and started a family early. There was little time or money for Ham radio, until about 1999.

I slowly got back into the hobby after many years. In 2003, I did manage to get my Extra ticket. I did mostly phone, until a friend of mine told me about the SKCC Group. Now I have come full circle, starting out with CW privledges only, to 99.9% CW by choice. The key I am holding is my homebrew key I made out of small pipe fittings. The part that I tap on is a pneumatic air gauge. That was fun to build and to use, but now I mostly use the Vibroplex you see on the table.

I am a member of our local Amateur Radio Club, the Meeker County Amateur Radio Club. Club call is KØMCR.

SKCC # 3741T
FISTS# 14655


January 19, 2011