K9ZW - Steven R. 'Steve' Weinert K9ZW

Steven R. 'Steve' Weinert
Manitowoc, WI

QCWA # 37178
Chapter 55

Licensed since 1989, I am currently focusing on DX, Island Operations & Education - and of course some station building with the second QTH!

In the last few years I completed several DXCC, eDXCC, WAS, eWAS and others awards, and I am working on filling out more bands and modes.

Occasionally active with:
. PODXS Member #432
. Feld Hell Club #169
. Old Man International Sideband Society (OMISS) #6508
. The 3905 Century Club
. PolarBear QRP Club
. The Society of Midwest Contesters
. Life Member of the North East Wisconsin DX Club (NEWDXA)
. Charter Member of The Washington Island DX Club (WI9DX)
. Formerly Member #14 of the now defunct Global Friends Digital Club (placed in their contests....)

A periodic Check-In on the Everynight 160m SSB Net when not working or traveling. When I can make time I serve as an ARRL VE and Hamcram Instructor.

At my Home Station (Southern QTH) I am working with a FlexRadio Systems Flex-6700 Software Defined Radio (SDR) as my Primary Radio, routed to either a Tennadyne T-8 Log Periodic, or a W9INN 1/2 Sloper.

At this "Southern QTH" I am currently working on setting up an additional Collins S-Line Station with a 75S1, 32S1, 321B-4 and 30L1.

The weekend Washington Island (Northern QTH) shack is presently using a FlexRadio Systems Flex-6300 or Collins KWM-2A setup, both temporarily routed to a SteppIR CrankIR antenna.

In spring this temporary setup will change once the tower is up to a SP7IDX Hexbeamm Mark II HD and another W9INN 1/2 Sloper, plus a W9INN Dipole. The Tashjian/TriEx TM-370 Skyneedle tower installation has to wait until concrete is available again on the Island (most likely April).

Both stations are getting Zero-Five custom Flagpole HF Vertical Antennas in the new year (uprated wind design per my request).

I'm starting on some updated pictures up showing the updated radios - here are working shots of the Northern QTH on Washington Island.

At the Southern (Home) QTH I'm working on improving my audio with a Shure SM5B Microphone through a Behringer Eurorack MX802A Amp/Mixer, with some great results.

Have started using some of the 4o3a Genius products for station integration.

There are some additional revised station photos at my blog.

Several times a year I've helped activate Washington Island (Wisconsin - US Island WI-100L) on digital modes as my very radio active Washington Island friend George W9EVT does 99.9% phone.

If you have never seen George W9EVT's "Mega-Shack" the W9EVT/WI9DX Shack can be seen at http://greengate-wibb.com/?page_id=5 as well as on his QRZ.com page.

In 2014 I operated weekends from Rocky Ridge Farm on Washington Island between May until October.

Starting July 2015 have started regular operations from my own QTH at Indian Point on Washington Island, mostly on weekends.

Very much enjoy all the great people I've met through Amateur Radio!!



First the Collins KWM-2A, 312B-5, 30L-1 station:
K9ZW - Steven R. 'Steve' Weinert

And the FlexRadio Systems Flex-6300 Station with a "Stick-PC" for a computer:
K9ZW - Steven R. 'Steve' Weinert

September 20, 2016